Deputy Chairman: Keith Lonsdale

Keith LonsdaleKeith Lonsdale

Keith Lonsdale grew up near the north bank of the River Dee, in sight of the hills of Clwyd.

He left school in 1980 and worked locally for a short time dealing with the manufacture & sale of vintage car spares. Keith joined the Royal Air Force in 1981 as an aircraft technician, working on fast jets and helicopters but, later retrained as a flight engineer, going on to serve nine years on Hercules aircraft.

After leaving the RAF in 1998, Keith flew Boeing 747 aircraft commercially for a number of years, for several airlines. He hung up his flying boots in 2006 and, after a short spell working on the ground in airline operations, left the industry to join the police.

Keith retired in 2016 and subsequently ran a small part time craft food business. He is currently working on plans to branch out into another branch of hand crafted products.

Political Life:

Keith became politically active in the late 1990s, after becoming increasingly frustrated with ever more onerous motoring legislation. He was a member of a number of related pressure groups.
A few years later, his attention was drawn to the European Union and he became an enthusiastic campaigner for Brexit.
Keith has stood for local election and has held regional and national posts in a large political party. He has been politically homeless since 2018 and is keen to get this new party off the ground.

Keith’s main areas of interest are veterans issues, transport & travel, law & order and electoral reform. He is also a very vocal critic of the government response to Covid19 and the damaging impact it has had on civil liberties.