Boris Johnson and the Permanent Removal of the Right to Protest

Keith LonsdaleKeith Lonsdale

Tomorrow, the Johnson government’s “Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill” returns to Parliament. If this becomes law, it will effectively permanently remove our right to protest and give the Home Secretary powers to amend primary legislation by statutory instrument, which exceeds any previous level of power held by any British minister.
This is a very serious assault on our most basic freedoms and on democracy itself.

Patel will say this legislation, which would give government and police the power to decide who can protest about what, where and when, is intended to prevent protests causing serious disruption but, we already have laws to prevent the obstruction of roads and deal with harassment and violence.

This is not about protecting us from disruptive and noisy protest and neither is this just about Covid19 regulations. This goes way beyond any of that and will affect protests about absolutely anything.
This is about silencing dissent and imprisoning dissenters, tools of totalitarianism.

I always feared this day would come but, never imagined it would be delivered by a Tory government. It must be resisted at all costs.

You can read the Bill, here:

You can download the Bill, here: